Y Art Works illustration
"Yasmine is a remarkably creative artist who maintains great integrity in her work and business relationships and is certainly an expert in her craft. She brings fresh, often provocative ideas to the table in ways that expand one's perspective on what is possible and lead to absolutely beautiful final products. If you're seeking a graphic artist or a designer who will bring energy and elegance to your project, Yasmine is among the very best." —Dr. Carl Binder, Co-Founder of SixBoxes Performance Thinking

Design solutions at your service

For more than 20 years, I've worked with companies like yours helping them to find their voice, get noticed and create lasting relationships with their customers. If you want a partner at your side, just as committed to your success as you are—that's me.

The relationship between a client and a designer is built on collaboration and trust. Trust allows for exploration and inventiveness. Collaboration ensures the acuity of the final product. My experience tells me that by knowing and understanding my clients—making their goals my goals—it is possible to create solutions that surpass expectations. 

As project manager and creative lead, I start by gaining a complete understanding of your business goals and the current market for your products or services. Working in close collaboration, I help you define your objectives and develop a strategy. Together we arrive at visual solutions that establish values, communicate the message, and tell your story in a way that gets results.

—Yasmine Rafii

P.S. If you would like to see more of my photographs, please visit: yasminerafii.com