Still a Virgin

 Rumpled Thoughts

Rumpled Thoughts

I've been a web user, designer, quasi-know-it-all, but I have never blogged. Today that changes.

While primarily a visual person, I am prone to use words and get quite a lot of satisfaction from wielding words well. What I enjoy the most is combining words and images in ways that multiply their individual impact.

What draws me to this?  The element of risk. What do I choose to show and say? What do I reveal, what do I hide? Will it be interesting? Will it matter if it isn't? We'll see.

But that's what I intend to do with this space—show, tell, reveal, hide. I hope there will be a few of you that join me as I roam our lovely world looking and listening for the stories she whispers.

It's a good day to start something new.